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Hello buddy’s!


My name is Nick and I’m the founder of CSCodes, your first source of CS:GO Gambling Website promocodes!

As you can see, the website is still under construction, but a lot of websites will come soon and join the other in order to have the biggest database possible!

Of course, giving you promocodes will not be the only thing that you will have here!

First, some website reviews will come very soon, in order to verify the websites that I will use! You will also have reviews of well known websites as well, in order to find you the best websites to use! Of course, all of this will be made without warning on the webmasters!

Then, you will also find soon a list of “Scam&Ban” Websites, with a list of website where you should not go, mostly because these websites are Scams and you will lose money on them!

The website will also give you the list of all giveaways running at this moment on the different gambling websites, check these out every week!

Finally, we will have news from time to time, to see the advancement of the website and what’s coming soon!


Hope you will like this website and see you soon on CSCodes!


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