Website opening, see you in few days!

If you are looking at the website the last few days, you saw changes, from time to time. It’s normal, the website is still in construction!… Well, was for the technical part witch is done now! All the basic functionalities have been added and the last one is being finished in the next days!


In the next days, a lot of new coupon websites will come on CSCodes, but we will also fill the scam list and the giveaway list!


But after that, what’s next?


First, we will have a lot of work, regarding the maintenance of the website, in order to maintain in at the top level in its category! Other functionnalities will also be added, especially for the community part! Some new features will also be added for the shop, like the possibility of change your junk items for coins! (We need to find a good solution, from now, it’s not good at all, not secured for you!)


Of course, the main reason why we created CSCodes is to help you to chose the best websites for you! So, the blog will be very helpful, with a ton of reviews or tutorials, stay tuned!


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