How can I sell my skins to you?

First, log in to your account and go on the CSCodes contact page. Then, send us a message with the items you want to trade us.

The trade is the following :

– We check if the item you want to sell to us is eligible to trade. If yes, we will take it! If no, these are the reasons why a skin could not be traded : New skin on the market, not popular or not useful.

– Once we accepted to trade the skin, we will give you the price. This is a definitive price and it will not be changed! The price is a percentage of the steam analyst median price and follow the following rules :

– We don’t look at special patterns or exceptional floats! If you accept to sell it, it is at the median steam analyst price!
– Knife : 90% of S.A. price
– Rare weapons : 90% of S.A. price
– Weapons : 85% of S.A. price
– LowEnd Weapons (under 1$) : 80% of S.A. price
– Stickers (excepted for katowice stickers, considered as rare weapons) : 80% of S.A. price
– Graph/Cases : 70% of S.A. price

– Once it’s good for you, the price will be given to you and added to your CSCodes balance. However, all buyings will be disabled for you until you have traded your skin.

– Once your skin is traded, all pending or following buyings through the shop will be allowed!


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