Journey of a Freebie #1 : Let’s begin our list!

Everyone’s dream on Counter Strike is having a beautiful knife. DON’T LIE WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Well, on this little blog serie, you will see that with absolutely nothing in your pocket, you will have a lot of free skins, including knives sometimes! Let’s get money now!


First step : Creating the list!


Well, this first step is quite easy! We just have to go on the freebie category websites on cscodes! This list gives you the websites where you can grab free stuff, daily or hourly for some! You choose all the websites on the list and you create your own freebie list! Then, we can go to the second step!


Second step : The process!


The process is also an easy step to do, but it’s quite different regarding the time it takes! But don’t worry, it becomes quite easy if you do it for several days in a row! This is how it will work :


  • 1- Choose a website
  • 2- Apply the url of this website on your steam nickname (if needed)
  • 3- Connect to the website
  • 4- Take your free stuff
  • 5- Disconnect to the website
  • 6- REPEAT!

Quite easy, but quite long!


Third step : Making this working!


After your process is made, just make this everyday and you will soon have a sick inventory!… Well, soon, don’t think you’ll have a DLore within a week!


From now, see you in one week, for the very beginning of this new serie!


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