CSCodes : A “full of surprises” planning!

From now and until september, CSCodes will be in beta! It means that the website design and content may change, without warning! Of course, even if we are in beta, the website will Evolve with you and we will manage to be the number one source of promocodes for you! Let’s now talk about what you will find, the next 5 weeks, during the beta, on CSCodes.

– First, the list of websites will become even longer than now! This is very important for us to have a big database and we will work hard for that!
– Then, we will work on the scam list and the giveaway list, that are very big lists and it takes time to have a big one!
– We will also fill the shop with our last skins! You will find soon some incredible skins on CSCodes, as an AWP Graphite or an AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge!

But now, let’s talk about the articles that will come soon on the blog :

Website reviews : Using a worksheet made by us, we will test a website and find what are the good things and what are the bad sides!
Gamble Clash : Two websites but only one winner! It’s like a review but with a comparative view between both sites!
Websites TopLists : Top 5 or Top 10’s of the best websites in their category! We know you will love it!
Journey of a Freebie : A blog serie, where I will use only daily free bonuses on a lot of websites! The goal? Show you that you can have a knife without spending a single amount of real money!
CSCodes Updates : A classic post, like now, talking about the website updates and all around CSCodes!

I hope you are ready! Because we are!


  1. kashif

    keep updating code and all other stuff

    Reply 10 October 2017 at 9 h 20 min

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