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Journey of a Freebie #1 : Let’s begin our list!
Everyone's dream on Counter Strike is having a beautiful knife. DON'T LIE WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Well, on this little blog serie, you will see that with absolutely nothing in your pocket, you will have a lot of free skins, including knives sometimes! Let's get money now!   First step : Creating the list!   Well, this first step is quite easy! We just have to go on the freebie category websites on cscodes! This list gives you the websites where you can grab free stuff, [...]
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What's next?
  • 55%


    If you play MMORPG, you know what we are talking about! We are currently working on new quests, with a lot more things to do to have it! These quests will be very well paid in coins and you will learn this website like your own pocket!

  • 40%

    Members contributions

    People will maybe want to contribute to the website, by adding some new pages or contents. This is a work in progress at CSCodes! This functionnality will come as soon as possible!

  • 40%

    Paypal Payments to have more coins

    In order to make you have more skins, in an easier way, we will implement a buying possibility with Paypal! This feature will come shortly after the SSL gratification!

  • 30%

    Secured connection

    In order to make payments on the website, we will need a trusted SSL Certificate. This Certificate doesn't take time to implement but worth some precious money, that we don't have yet! Once we got it, we will take the SSL Certificate!

  • 25%

    Steam Auth Connection

    Our next priority will be to add a Steam Authentificator through the Steam OpenID API. This Steam Authentificator will be able to sync your steam datas, as the logo or the name, to your CSCodes account. Our goal is to make life easier for you!

  • 20%

    Community Upgrades

    A lot of very cool community based features will come soon on CSCodes! Groups, Ranks, Forums and a lot of other things to learn points, again and again! You will soon have the first Social Network dedicated to CS:GO Gambling players, with CSCodes!